Kristin Werner was born in Erfurt, Germany. Intensiv musician experience as a child, caused by her family’s musically background, startet her sing, write first songs and learn to play the piano at the school of music in Ilmenau for four years. Focused on her education at grammar school, she visited elective subjects such as drama, dancing, classical literature and choir and also took part in the school band as front singer. Later she played the lead character in a youth-play of Nils Hollendick called „Feuerzunda“. Fulfilling the wish of her early childhood she took violine lessons and went back to school of music to deepen her singing and rhetoric education. After finishing high school she decided to migrate to Salzburg, Austria. She made an apprenticeship as pyrotechnist in a fireworks company which is concentrating on music synchronized fireworks and firework displays allover the world. While studying law at the University of Salzburg she is always keeping music in her mind, often playing the guitar. So she wrote, composed, arranged and melodized several songs and began working together with Jana Rexheuser. Jana Rexheuser raised in Sonneberg, Germany, by very musician family. She began playing the piano at the age of four, soon after, she began performing with her mothers and fathers Instruments so as keyboards, synthesizer and e- guitar. In the age of eleven, she built up her knowledge of the Classical repertoire of the concert guitar, at times writing many own songs. At age sixteen, Jana learned to play bass guitar and from then she was composing and producing numerous rock songs and toured as a raw female bass player with several bluesrock- and rockbands. Time progressed, Jana´s  wide interests of sounds and genre grow up. Producing electronic and popmusic was forced after hearing Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds, A-ha, Coldplay and many younger bands from the New Pop Festival. After studying classical guitar with distinction, she is still working as music teacher for bandcoaching and guitar. Working in studio gets her inside the world of recording, mixing and mastering. With her gift for musicality and background in composition, instrumentation and production, she leads her own way to express herself while still writing new songs.
Electronic Popmusic made by two Ladies from Germany and Austria. Both singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist began musically fornicating together since 2012. Stuffed with orchestras, electronics and urban style they´re concentrating on individual soundexpress in several genres. Influenced by various artists as Peter Gabriel, Simple Minds, Linkin Park, Pink Floyd they take a bow to the bands of the 80´s Pop such as current Dance and Electronic Music Culture.
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