Wait a minute Music & Lyrics by JMB Losing gravity Music & Lyrics by JMB Fly like an eagle Music & Lyrics by JMB Belief in me Music & Lyrics by JMB

The sound adventure

building up sound libraries and use them on ableton live and samplitude...getting in touch with the sonority of former and recent synthesizer...editing beatconstruct and bassline ... drawing up all fragments and develop by chance...elaborating techniques and operation to integrate in studio and live- sessions

The right Lyrics

call it interactive brainstorming...empathize not too much in details...capture the main intension and then shout it out...listen to the crowd then make up your mind on your own...describe with few symbolic words...and leave simple things simple    

The Electropop section

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Deep in the sea Music & Lyrics by JMB Stardust Music & Lyrics by JMB Heat on Music & Lyrics by JMB Only find peace Music by JMB, Lyrics by Jeni Linthi Imagine Music & Lyrics by Payload and JMB

digging deeper

Blanket (Cover) Music & Lyrics by Imogen Heap Covered by JMB Influences Music & Lyrics by JMB Monotonia Music & Lyrics by JMB Delhi Airport Music & Lyrics by JMB

make up your mind

Hug me Music & Lyrics by JMB Heaven´s watching you Music by JMB Lyrics by Jeni Linthi The last straw Music & Lyrics by JMB

cover to cover

Such a shame (Cover) Music by Talk Talk Covered by JMB Shout (Cover) Music by Tears for Fears Covered by JMB Sweet Dreams (Cover) Music by Eurythmics Covered by JMB The Riddle (Cover) Music by Nik Kershaw Covered by JMB

cover to cover

Behind Blue Eyes (Cover) Music & Lyrics by The Who Covered by JMB Desert Rose (Cover) Music & Lyrics by Sting Covered by JMB Love is a battlefield (Cover) Music by Pat Benatar Covered by JMB Message in a bottle (Cover) Music by The Police Covered by JMB

cover to cover

Time after Time (Cover) Music by Cindy Lauper Covered by JMB Walking on the moon (Cover) Music by The Police Covered by JMB White Room (Cover) Music by The Cream Covered by JMB Enjoy the silence (Cover) Music by Depeche Mode Covered by JMB

just relax

High above Music & Lyrics by JMB Time comes to shine Music & Lyrics by JMB


Values Music & Lyrics by JMB


Clubsession Astromuseum Part I “Deep Space” Music by JMB Clubsession Astromuseum Part II “World” Music by JMB
Blind Journey   Music & Lyrics by JMB
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